The Developer's Guide to Book Publishing (For Individuals)

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The Developer's Guide to Book Publishing (For Individuals)

Stephanie Morillo
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"It's really concise, comprehensive, and shows the full complexity [of book publishing] without being overwhelming." 

- Arvid Kahl


Have you ever found yourself thinking: "I could write an entire book about this topic"? If you are passionate enough about a topic, want to help others, and are willing to dedicate the time to developing an idea and writing a draft, you can publish a book!

The Developer's Guide to Book Publishing makes publishing a book an attainable goal. You'll learn about the tech publishing landscape and the considerations all would-be authors need to keep in mind to go from ideation to getting published. 

This eBook will help you understand:

📝 The importance of market research before you pitch your book

📝How traditional tech publishing works, and what publishers look for

📝How to self publish a book (end-to-end: from finding an e-commerce platform, determining your book's price, picking formats, self-editing, self-designing, or creating a team to do those things)

📝How to promote your book (with the help of a traditional publisher or on your own if you're self-publishing)

The Developer's Guide to Book Publishing will include a list of real-world examples, resources, and tools to help future authors get started on the path to getting published.

I used the concepts outlined in this book to successfully self-publish my first book, The Developer's Guide to Content Creation, which was featured in Product Hunt and reviewed by RedMonk


To learn more about Stephanie, follow her on Twitter, or visit developersguidetocontent.com.

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